Sonningfield Cottage built by Matclair Constructions. Click on garden gate photo to visit their web site .

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A new cottage table and chairs for us.

As from Saturday night Peter and I will be "empty nesters". Our Timothy is moving into his unit and we are very proud of him, he has worked very hard to get his own home as have our other two sons Matthew and Christopher. Along with his two double bedrooms of belongings Timothy is taking some of our "family" furniture as we are preparing for out move into the cottage in 2012.
Peter and I went for a browse to "The Packing Shed" Antiques at Tyabb and found this round Victorian Cedar dining table with the typical mechanism to tilt the top to store against a wall ...just perfect for our cosy new meals area beside the kitchen. The chairs are a bit older being dated C1860, however they are still well sprung and sturdy. A perfect table for "just the two of us" or four to have a nice afternoon tea chat.
Our large family home "Edenwood" is starting to look a LOT bigger as we remove some of the family size furniture. We have the advantage of two double bedrooms now to enable us to sort through everything in the house, give away and pack items we don't use everyday to start preparing the house for sale.
Meantime the block is looking cool and shady as our giant Oaks are in full leaf. The assortment of birds are chorusing and life is good.        

A lot of progress and the Summer leaves are flourishing.

 Our stonemason, Paul is doing a terrific job and the crew form Matclair have been working hard on the roof shingles.