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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finding garden treasures.

I was cooking an Apple Cake just a couple of nights ago and lamenting the loss of my beautiful big lemon tree at our old house. The very next day I was poking around our wilderness at Sonningfield and came across this beauty. I spent the better part of this morning clearing all the over growth away you name it, it was growing over the lemon tree, blackberries, fiscus and the numerous other trees around. I have cleared so it can enjoy some light. Amazingly two 3/4 ripe lemons fell off and the tree appears to be free of diseases. I thought it may have some mould issues having  been covered and so wet but no it is the picture of citrus health.        

Whilst fighting the Great Ivy War of 2012 we came across what appeared to be buried rocks. I have spent a good few hours scratching  around them and seem to think we have unearthed an old fish / waterlily pond. I need to check Edna's garden plans of Sonning and see if anything shows.    

There appears to be a path of rocks leading up towards Sonning or across to Devon Cottage.

This entire area was covered in thick ivy and wandering dew. You can see the garden of Devon Cottage through the fence. Rusty the golden retriever  and our Darcy are both allergic to wandering dew both having to have injections in the past, this was our reason in starting up in this corner. Our strategy has been to rake out all the weed then cover with cardboard and aged mulch.    

Princess Bridie watches form afar, she has been out in the garden a couple of times but happy to scoot back in very quickly.

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