Sonningfield Cottage built by Matclair Constructions. Click on garden gate photo to visit their web site .

Thursday, December 6, 2012

More of Edna's rock work...

A couple of weeks ago Peter and I were clearing weeds and saplings and look what I found under a foot of ivy. We had a dead gum tree come down in a storm so I had to wait for Christopher to come and chain saw it up so I can continue with my excavations.

A couple of weeks later and Christopher has moved the old dead gum tree. I have patched up the missing rocks and planted some impatiens around a sculptured bird bath.

See Sonning Cottage through the trees in the distance...


  1. oh, How neat to find a hidden landscape feature. Wonder how old the rockwork is? How long since someone had used the area?

    1. Hi Teresa ...Edna built her first Sonning cottage in 1921 and it burnt down and was rebuilt in 1925. I am not sure when this rock work would have been laid ...Edna died in 1968 I I guess some time between those dates.