Sonningfield Cottage built by Matclair Constructions. Click on garden gate photo to visit their web site .

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All the weeds have gone ...Garden beds and garden rooms set out ...

Peter and I have been fighting the "Great Weed War Of 2012/ 2013". I am so pleased to announce we are finishing the last area to be cleared of weeds tomorrow morning.  
Our plan of attack was to dig them all out, then cover with cardboard and mulch and over the coming seasons the trees will make their own mulch the cardboard decompose leaving us with weed free natural mulched areas. We started this huge task approximately 6 months ago and in the first areas we treated the ares are weed free so it looks as our plan is working.

We have now managed to outline the skeleton of our garden and have planted many plants along the way. It is now high summer so watering is of prime importance, the plants are doing very well considering the heatwave we have been enduring.      

Front garden gate path, as you can see we have planted Camelias and Hydrangeas. 

Front of cottage facing onto Lane as you can see the natural mulching is starting to occur.

This is the front /side garden bed which we will finish tomorrow morning except the triangular garden bed in the foreground as this needs to be dug over and enriched with organic fertiliser before planting.   

unfinished front / side bed. The oval in the centre will be shade loving variety lawn. Plantings in this area consist of Azaleas, Camellia, Spirea, Hebe, Boronia, Gardenia and  Daphne.  

Completed woodland area.

Section of back fence including walking gate to Sonning. 

Back fence plantings, Hydrangeas, Camellias and Sonning Crabapple.  

Crepe Myrtle and my seasonal flower bed presently planted with Lobelia and Snapdragon unfortunately I planted it out to late in the season but hopefully we will get a pretty show late Summer, early Autumn.  

My rescued Lemon tree with Dianthus border  and culinary herbs planted underneath. 

More woodland.

Sonning gate and back path beds planted out with Hellebores, Lily Of the Valley, Azaleas, Iris and Hydrangeas. 

Woodland with Edna's rock work in distance.

Our rubbish heap which is being taken away over the next couple of weekends. 

Future oval lawn to the right of the woodland.